Just In Time: A Tranformation From Prospect – Marketer

So …After having a nice relaxing bath following an Ayahuasca journey over the weekend (Google it) I’m sitting down at my home office here in the UK and I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to make this first blog post about.

In fact, my ‘nice relaxing bath’ turned into me racking my brain trying to answer these 3 questions:

I’ve decided to make it on one of the most important topics that I believe is holding people back in this industry (internet marketing / make money online) today…

…thinking like a prospect and NOT a marketer.

Think about it; most people in the Internet Marketing space today are joining more and more mailing lists, getting promoted more and more things and are pulled and torn in more and more directions than ever before.

Which, of course leads to information overload and the inability to take solid and massive action. I think this is due to the majority of people thinking like a prospect and not a marketer.

Prospect Mindset = You are constantly being sold to and you’re constantly buying things.

Marketer Mindset = You begin to sell stuff.

NOTE: I’m not saying I don’t buy stuff, I still buy stuff now, I’ve invested several thousand dollars in coaching programs and consultations with high level marketers to learn their systems and marketing strategies because I understand how important it is to invest in myself and invest in my success, but it’s important to only invest in the right things and not these $7 WSO’s that won’t make a difference in your life.

Don’t focus on WHAT people are selling to you, focus on HOW they are selling it to you

When an email comes into your inbox selling you the latest $7 product don’t look at it and think “OMG That’s incredible, I need it”.  Look at that product and think this is an incredible process, how can I model that in my business and duplicate it.

The truth is there is no magic to marketing, there is only science. If you can duplicate the systems and processes of successful marketers and implement them, they will work for you too. Full stop. End of story.

Implementation Task #1

Make a brand new email account (e.g. marketingswipes@gmail.com) and subscribe to as many “guru” internet marketers lists as you can. Make a folder for each marketer and save all emails to the corresponding folder.

This will give you ideas for email copy and subject lines to use as inspiration for emailing your list.

Implementation Task #2

Unsubscribe from all of the marketers lists you are subscribed to that are just peddling the latest $h!t.  As a rule I am subscribed to marketers who give at least 1 piece of solid valuable content for every 3-5 sales emails.

I understand that marketers make money from selling stuff. That’s cool. It’s the name of the game. But unsubscribe from the marketers that ONLY send you sales emails without any value emails.

This will free up your inbox, give your more time & stop you from getting distracted with the latest fad ‘product of the day’.

So When Should I Buy A Product?

There’s a big difference here between “Just In Time” vs “Just In Case”.

Many of us have/are guilty of practicing “Just In Case Learning” vs “Just In Time Learning”. The difference here is if you buy a product just in case you will need it in the future or just because it happens to be the hot thing right now it is NOT the reason you should be buying it.

You build a business by designing it, by taking action and when you realize there’s something you need to know that you don’t know, that’s when you buy a product, program or course.

You buy it because you want to use it.

And when you buy it because you want to use it, you get through it a lot faster and you put it into action a lot faster too.

So I want you to think about that in your own business, in the way you buy products and everything that it relates to because if you don’t you’ll end up with tons of products on your computer, very few you actually went through in their entirety and even fewer that got you results.

So …that’s it for my first blog post.

I REALLY hope you found it useful and you take the next 30 minutes to unsubscribe to all of the marketers peddling $h!t to you without adding any real value to your life and business.  I promise that it will be one of the most valuable activities you do!

Talk soon,


P.S. Please take a moment out to comment on this blog post and let me know your thoughts!